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We price ourselves very competively and will alway endevor to tailor a package for you. These are our standard prices and include the services outlined on the livery page. All the prices below are on a weekly basis. 

                                       Per Week             Per Month 28days        Includes/ Excludes

DIY Livery                       £45                            £180        Includes Access To Outdoor School

                                                                                                 Includes Access To Lunge Arena 



Full Livery                       £130                          £520        Excludes Exercise      

                                                                                                 Includes Access To Outdoor School

                                                                                                 Includes Access To Lunge Arena 

Summer Turn Out         £100                          £400

Retaining Stable

Larger horses requiring supplementary feed/bedding will be charged on an individual basis.


Stud and connected livery £POA


Contact us directly about your needs and we will do our best to assist you.




Summer Grass Livery    £45                             £180

Winter Grass Livery      £65                             £260

Assisted Grass Livery    £55                             £220

Lorry Parking                 £5                              £20

Daily Services                  £12


Finish Off                        £3

Catch In/ Turn Out       £1.50

Farrier/ Vet Handling    £8

Lunging                           £15

Training                           £30

Rug Change                    £1

Hay                                  £6


Woodchips                      £12.50 

Arena School                 £10 weekly charge

Horse Walker                 £10 weekly charge

Shower/ Solarium          £5 weekly charge

Additional Storage        £5 weekly charge

New liveries requiring use of the alarmed tack room will be charged a one of fee of £25 for admission to this facility. Only one saddle per horse.

Clients are responsible for insuring all their own possessions left onsite. Hill Green Farm excepts no liability for loss or damage to any clients items on the premises.

Arena Hire

Communal Arena Hire


£8.00 per horse per session.

This is only relevant to those who do not have use of the facilities included in their package. 


Private School Hire

£60 per session.

This applys to all memebers of Hill Green Farm Livery. 


External Facilities Hire POA


We hire our facilities out to local and national companies and aim to meet their specific needs. We do not offer communal facilities hire. Please contact us for more information.

Vehicle Parking

We offer onsite vehical parking.

Access is restricted to the farms opening hours unless booked by prior arrangement. 


Vehical parking equates to any vehical in residency over 30 days.


The duration a vehicle stays with us must be agreed and confirmed at the time of booking. Alterations can be made to extend the booking but not to reduce or cancel once the booking has been agreed and processed.

All insurance and lability is solely your responsibility.


Vehical parking - £5PW




You can purchase as many bags of compost as you like. 


One large garden sack of compost is £3.50


We also offer a bulk buy for those wishing in need of a serious amount of manure.

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